He is quick-tempered, a lot of action, stubborn, reckless, and has a sharp voice

These are the characteristics of a small-sized Chihuahua dog. You see this dog running in all directions, wagging its tail quickly and jumping left and right. You see it always motivated, ready to pounce, daring to attack And the word “yaa” is larger than it, and here, by strong, I mean cats, for example.

If our dog meets a cat, he follows her and circles around her. If she turns to him, he retreats from silence, avoids even looking at her, and avoids her. If she leaves, he returns To follow her again. If she stops, he stops. If she continues walking, he follows her. The cat tries to explain what is happening, but does not find any Interpretation: She goes on her own. He starts following her again and barks at her. He continues to harass her until she loses her temper and gives him a small blow. Only then does he become humble and know that God is true.

In this video, there is a short scene that explains what I am saying.

The problem with this little dog is that it is a dog, and I am not belittling all dogs here, but rather I am talking about this dog in particular.

The hostility between cats and dogs is a historical hostility, and cats are usually afraid of dogs, and our little friend is a dog, so he is able to scare the cat, or so he believes, and he has logical evidence for this.

Major Introduction: Cats are afraid of dogs.

A brief introduction: The Chihuahua is a dog.

Result: The cat is afraid of the Chihuahua.

The little Chihuahua is ancestral, denies biological and behavioral evolution, and takes meanings at face value. Regardless of reality. . .

Honestly, I have never watched Alaa speak on YouTube or TikTok, so I am unable to describe him except from my very broad imagination, derived mainly from hearing his voice.

When I hear his short, fast-paced, sharp-pitched voice, I am presented with a scene of a monkey squealing because an elephant has stepped on its tail, and when he continues talking, the imagined scene in my mind of his behavior and movements is completed, and he is the scene of all With a Chihuahua, in my mind it is a combination of both scenes, it is a Chihuahua dog With the sound of a monkey squealing from the intensity of pain.

I am not trying to liken Alaa to a dog or a monkey, God forbid, and I deprive Alaa of those characteristics, but there is a common amount of these characteristics between these three creatures.

First impression

When you walk around the clubhouse lobby, examining the different rooms, and you find a picture of Alaa’s account among the pictures of the speakers, you know for sure that the speaker at that moment is Alaa, even if you repeat the experience over and over again In any other room, he is one of its speakers. The speaker is in all those rooms and at all those moments. He is Alaa (His love for the microphone is like his love for life.)

the size

Small in mind, small in muscle, small in stature.

The debater

He is the hard worker who speaks for 59 minutes out of the hour and interrupts his opponent ten times in the remaining minute.

the last sentence complex

This is a modern psychological complex that I discovered, and it is a psychological disorder that afflicts a disturbed, unbalanced person who is not confident in his ability to convey information.

Alaa always feels that his idea is not complete, so he is in constant need of adding the last sentence to complete the meaning, but after adding this sentence, he feels that the meaning is not complete with it, so he is forced to Adding another sentence, and thus repeating the addition of sentence after sentence until the end. The result is that you have to control the microphone for hours and hours.


I think that the Chihuahua dog displayed part of his personality, but there are other aspects of his personality that I will shed some light on.

If he shouts, know that he is unable to respond, and if he curses and curses, know that an elephant stepped on his tail.

عَلَاء دائمًا يُبَادِر بِالشَّتيمة والصُّراخ عِنْدمَا يُحشَر فِي حِوَار، وَإذَا تَجَاوزَت عن شتيمَته لِحسْن خُلُقك، فَإنَّه يُعَاوِد الشَّتيمة بِشَكل أَسوَأ، وَإذَا تَجَاوزَت عَنْه مَرَّة أُخرَى فَإنَّه يظلُّ يَشتُمك ولَا يَتَوقَّف إِلَّا بَعْد أن تَرِد لَه الشَّتيمة بِأقْوى مِنهَا. تمامًا كمَا فَعلَت اَلقِطة بِالْكَلْب شِيواوَا فِي أَوَّل المقَال.

He is an obnoxious racist, and this is not his worst characteristic. I once heard him criticize someone because of the color of his dark skin, in which he proudly recited the famous line of poetry by Abu al-Tayyib al-Mutanabbi.

A slave cannot be bought unless he has a stick with him. . . Indeed, slaves are filthy and disgusting

As for Alaa’s worst traits, they are forgery, lying, and retracting statements he said and denying them, and these require articles.

In the end, Alaa is a person who suffers from many psychological disorders.

It was clearly manifested in hysterical instances of insults and insults to everyone who disagreed with them intellectually or doctrinally.

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