Once upon a time, long ago and long ago, There was a man in his sixties who had recently reached retirement age.
This is an age at which you stand confused at a crossroads. Feeling useless and unable to influence is a frustrating feeling. In addition to the long hours of free time that you cannot fill with any regular activity. Let us not forget that it is an age stage in which sight and hearing diminish, muscles atrophy, and memory weakens. As for sexual ability, it is embarrassing
Dealing with this stage requires wisdom that not all people possess. Some people marry a second or third time to prove their manhood. Others turn to immorality and decadence. Some of them grow a beard and seclude themselves in mosques. While others go to Hajj and Umrah over and over again, Some people may suffer from a heart attack from taking too much Viagra or sexual stimulants.
Returning to our story, gentlemen and gentlemen:
On a dreary cloudy day, Our retired friend was walking around the city’s alleys with slow, confused steps. Staggering like a zombie, He shows signs of frustration, depression and fear. If you look at his face, You see him pale and dusty, as if he had just escaped from his grave.
During his walk, heard the sound of music, Drums, flutes, chants, noise and singing, He followed the source of the sound and found himself in front of a huge house. Large groups of people come in and out.
He stood for a few minutes, watching from afar. He stared with his eyes open and pointing his finger at his head as shown in this picture.

Muhammad Al-Shahawi thinks, Or looking for the monkeys of his mind

The thoughts and questions in his mind were jumping like angry monkeys.
honestly, At first I tried to analyze the purpose of taking this photo. I thought to myself that perhaps he was trying to press a hidden key under the skin of his head. It is a small button responsible for activating the mind to start thinking. It is a small button responsible for activating the mind to start thinking.
After hesitation, Our friend entered this house. He started inspecting the place. He stood in the middle of the main hall, silent and fixed in place. His eyes widened more than they were before. He couldn’t explain what was happening, But help came from one of his jumping monkeys in his mind. The monkey stopped jumping and told him it was a party. He must imitate the audience and act like them so as not to draw attention to himself and so as not to be said about him (what a stupid person he is). Suddenly, without any warning, he began dancing with the dancers and shouting with the cheerleaders, without knowing the nature of this party, nor who was holding it, or in whose honor it was being held. He did not even ask anyone in the audience about what was happening, but continued to shout, scream, and dance until the end of the night.
Our friend loved this place and visited it daily. But he was alone, no friends, Not a group, not even enemies. People were talking about things he did not understand.
Days, weeks, and months passed in this state. He opens a room and sleeps in it until the next morning.
His frustration returned again. He sat alone in his room, Although he used to leave the door of the room open in the hope that someone might enter to say hello to him. But unfortunately no one cared about him. His condition began to deteriorate and he almost entered a new phase of retirement early…
And one night, Before he goes to sleep, After all the monkeys in his mind fell asleep, Notice that one of the monkeys is still awake.
So he asked him what should I do, I want to get back to that place but I want to be known and famous and important.
The wise monkey replied: You have to rebel against your old boring and ordinary personality, You are a good Sunni Muslim citizen and that is a good thing. You pray, fast, and make pilgrimages to the House of God more than once. This is excellent, But it is not enough.
The monkey added: Follow these ten commandments to escape the prison of nothingness and soar into the world of fame.

  • I raise the status of sheikhs, He treated them like prophets.
  • Make enemies from all sects and sects, The more enemies you have, the greater your value.
  • If you fall into one of the traps of the deniers and they manage to pounce on you with a hadith, narration, or jurisprudential opinion that has no solution, neither in the books of the predecessors nor the successors, So ask Sheikh Shaker for help for patching. If it is not available, You need engineer Alaa.
  • Do not answer any question and claim ignorance and arrogance if necessary.
  • Don’t stop asking questions, Whenever they answer a question, follow it with another question.
  • Ask the deniers the golden question, How did you learn to pray?
  • Register all rooms, including private rooms.
  • Catch other people’s mistakes and expose them everywhere. He ignored the mistakes of the Sunnis (with the exception of Al-Shami).
  • Open private threads and say whatever you want and do not allow comments or responses to them.
  • Do not attack all enemies at once. Rather, he devoted himself entirely to attacking Hanan Ali only.

Al-Ludha’i carried out these commandments to the letter. And his star shines, He grew in stature and became famous. He went from a marginal person whom no one had heard of to a well-known and somewhat famous person.?

The question that arises, How was Al-Ludha’i able to achieve this presence despite his complete ignorance of everything related to religion? He knows nothing of religion except the acts of worship he learned when he was young. He still hums it to this day.
To answer this question, it was necessary to study, examine, and resort to the psychological and behavioral analysis of our friend, the engineer Al-Shahawi.
We searched history and asked the artificial intelligence programs to find a historical figure who behaviorally intersects with Al-Shahawi’s character. The result showed a 99% match between Al-Shahawi’s personality and Juha’s personality.
Juha’s personality characteristics:
First characteristic: intelligence, Mr. El-Shahawy was not subjected to an intelligence test. But according to what has been reported, he is An engineer, he was able to build a good future and his condition is well-off, and this is something that is difficult for stupid people to achieve. If he is not super intelligent, he is certainly not stupid.
Second characteristic: Humor، Is there any doubt that Juha Clubhouse is a first-class comedian? He has beautiful quilts. Despite its vulgarity and antiquity, But they are praiseworthy attempts to make people laugh.
Third characteristic: Simplicity, If you listened to all of the engineer’s interventions, It begins with the following statement, “Guys, I am a simple human being.”
Fourth characteristic: wisdom, Returning to Al-Shahawi’s recordings, He always says, I am someone who learns from my experiences. I benefit from the lessons I am trying to develop myself, Is there any wisdom more than that?
Conclusion: Muhammad Al-Shahawi is just a bored and frustrated person. All it does is repercussions of retirement age.
The problem is that he swelled and swelled a little and turned from an ordinary citizen into “the most miserable of this time.”

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