The Vessel of Lies: Unmasking Dr. Sana Al-Sharbini

This is the story of a vessel filled with water from a spring called the “Eye of Lies” located at the bottom of Hell. Whoever drinks from its water becomes capable of defeating the devil in his own home, on his own turf, and among his own audience through trickery, evil, and seduction.

This is the red cow that carried a murderer from one of the soldiers of Iblis and gave birth to a fat calf that was worshipped by the polytheists.

This is the disheveled witch who gave Snow White the poisoned apple.

This is the embodiment of lies, pure and unadulterated, devoid of any traces of sound nature.

Some may wonder who I am talking about, and others may ask, is it possible for all these qualities to be found in one person?

The answer is yes… and ultimately the judgment is yours.

The False Doctor

Her name is Dr. Sana Al-Sharbini.

Let’s start with the title… is she really a doctor? The answer: no one on this app knows the truth of her doctorate except for her.

As for her full name, Sana Al-Sharbini, it sounds like it was taken from an Egyptian soap opera or movie. The Al-Sharbini family is a large family that is spread all over the Arab world, in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Palestine, and others. The family name was chosen carefully, as many people who bear this nickname are not related to each other and do not know each other. Therefore, it is difficult to prove the falseness of this lineage.

The Fabricated Story

News spread among the Clubhouse audience that she is of Moroccan nationality, married to a foreign Christian man. It is said that her husband converted from Christianity to Islam. Although this story is a single narrative, she is its only narrator, it spread and many believed it. The reason for believing the story was not the سند (chain of transmission) but the content. It is a beautiful story that contains excitement and stirs the emotions of the Muslim audience who feel elated and proud when they are able to “steal” one of the Christians and add him to their ranks. The cleverness of this false story is that it guarantees her sympathy, immunity, protection, and support without any accountability or questioning.

The Artificial Accent

She speaks with an Egyptian accent even though she is not Egyptian. The double question that comes to mind is, what is wrong with the Moroccan accent? Or, how is the Egyptian accent different from others? Some may say that the Moroccan accent is difficult for people from the Levant to understand, and the Egyptian accent is beautiful and understood by everyone. However, on the other hand, our sorceress could have spoken in classical Arabic, which is what most people in the Maghreb do, but she chose the Egyptian accent, perhaps because she loves this accent or perhaps because she is ignorant and unable to speak classical Arabic, or does she have other motives? I lean towards the other motives.

The Hidden Agenda

This weevils with fangs does not master the Egyptian accent and speaks like a robot, with coldness, monotony, and a fixed rhythm devoid of any human feelings. While she is talking, you can tell that she is pretending and making a great effort to get the words out of her mouth, with a complete absence of spontaneity, agility, and the wit that characterizes the Egyptian accent.

Her stated goal is to uphold the word of Islam and expose the superstitions and errors of the Christian religion. However, the malicious and unstated goal is to infiltrate Egyptian society. The reason for her choice of the Egyptian environment is the existence of a large social divide and a raging sectarian conflict between Christians and Muslims. This is fertile ground for investment, planting discord, and reaping its fruits. Wherever sectarianism exists, the devil finds his place, settles down, expands, multiplies, and breeds his fat calves. All the devil needs to accomplish his mission is a herd of fools and a red cow.


This woman with the fake title, fake name, fake picture, fake story, and fake accent claims to be truthful and seeking the truth.

This is just the beginning… and what’s to come is even greater…

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